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Nigel Thomas Associates provide specialist services to Business, the Media and military enthusiasts.

As an American Football fan, Nigel Thomas Associates is proud to endorse the
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We can offer:-

Military Consultancy

  • Advice on the correct uniform for films and documentaries.
  • Accurate background information for an accurate profile.
  • Identify photographs and film footage.

Military Writing

  • Books and articles on 20th Century warfare.
  • Translating military books and articles into English.
  • Editing and proof-reading of military books and articles.

Published books

  • Details of military books written or co-written by Nigel Thomas
  • Reviews of military books from across the world that we have read.

Translation Services

  • Business and Engineering translations.

Contact details

  • How to contact Nigel Thomas Associates.

Military Queries

  • Information that is currently needed.

Military Links

  • Useful links.

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Updated: 06 September 2016


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