NIGEL THOMAS ASSOCIATES was launched in 2004 to support his 30+ years as a military author and a way to connect with military enthusiasts.



  • Over thirty years of research and collecting information on military history, uniforms and orders of battle.
  • International profile as a respected military author with Osprey Press.
  • International network of contacts.


  • Bachelor of Arts (Double Honours) in French and German (Manchester University).
  • Master of Arts in modern German history and literature (Newcastle University)
  • Ph.D in German politics (Institute for German Studies, University of Birmingham). Thesis on ‘Germany and the Eastern Enlargement of NATO’.
  • Former Principal Lecturer in French and German (Northumbria University).
  • Postgraduate ability in French and German.
  • Good working knowledge of Italian.
  • Good reading ability of Spanish, Croatian and Czech.

My wife, Heather and both my sons, Alex and Dom deserve a special mention as they have always supported me. This entire site, however, is attributable to Alex (he is on the left in the photograph); who is the administrator for both the website and social media sites. Alex also has a long-running site devoted to American football, and related websites, as well as managing my wife's site: