Updated: 13 july 2020
This weekend takes place in July every year and it is fun to walk around in a genuine or reconstructed World War II uniform. Several Yorkshire towns have introduced these events and I recommend anyone to visit. It is a great atmosphere.

This is me wearing (most of) my father’s service uniform at the 1940’s weekend at Leyburn, North Yorkshire, 23rd July 2015. I can just about squeeze into the tunic but the Sam Browne belt is too small for me and the pistol holster was brown leather, but I painted it black when I was about 10 years old. The cap has the Royal Army Ordnance Corps cap-badge as i lost the RF badge. In my left hand is a brown leather covered swagger stick. Should be wearing it hard against my left armpit; here it looks like a cigar.

Left: A Major of Polish paratroops (with a light grey beret) talks to a Luftwaffe officer. Recently the Event organisers have asked visitors not to come in ‘enemy’ (which usually means German) uniform, in order not to offend those in Allied uniform.
Right: I see General Patton has arrived.