Published Books - Cold War 1945-1990

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These are books written about the period of the Cold War 1945-1990.


The Korean War 1950-53 with Peter Abbott.
(Men-at-Arms 174).

ISBN 0-85045-685-1.

First Edition 1986

Also published as:-
The Korean War with Peter Abbott. (Osprey History).
ISBN 1-84176-120-6.

The Korean War 1950-53, describing the UN forces, comprising the United States, South Korea, British Commonwealth, Philippines, Turkey, Thailand, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Ethiopia, Colombia, Sweden, Denmark and Norway; also the Chinese and North Korean forces. Forty photographs. Eight colour-plates by Mike Chappell. Map, organizational tables and North and South Korean rank insignia plates by Peter Abbott.

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NATO Armies 1949-87. (Elite 16).
ISBN 0-85045-822-6.

First Edition 1987

A survey of the Norwegian, Danish, Canadian, Belgian, Dutch, French, Luxembourg, West German, Italian, Turkish, Spanish and Portuguese armed forces in 1986. Full Army Orders of Battle. Forty photographs. Twelve colour-plates by Ron Volstad.

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Central American Wars 1959-1989 with Carlos Caballero Jurado. (Men-at-Arms 221).
ISBN 0-85045-945-1.

First Edition 1990

A survey of the armed forces of Cuba, Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama and Haiti. Forty photographs. Eight colour-plates by Simon McCouaig.

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