Updated: 13 july 2020

Nigel Thomas Associates is always researching uniforms, insignia (particularly rank insignia and rank-titles), and battle-orders and in spite of almost 50 years experience, does find problems he can’t find solutions to. These problems will be posted on this site.

If you can help please send him an e-mail to The solution will then appear in Military Queries answered and you will be credited if it appears in one of Nigel’s books.

But be warned. These queries are not for the faint-hearted.

  • Posted 9 November 2010. Does anyone have any idea what Eritrean Navy officers’ rank-titles are?     Preferably in roman script.

Gold metal buttons, fouled anchors and wreaths on very dark blue cloth shoulder-straps.

a: (Name in Tigrinyan?) Admiral (rank not currently held) b: (Name in Tigrinyan?) Vice Admiral (rank not currently held) c: (Name in Tigrinyan?) Rear Admiral (Hummed Muhammed  Karikare, Commander, Navy) d:(Name in Tigrinyan?) Commodore (Fitsum Gebrehiwet, Naval Chief of Staff) e: (Name in Tigrinyan?) Captain (Name in Tigrinyan?) f: Commander g: (Name in Tigrinyan?) Lieutenant Commander h: (Name in Tigrinyan?) Lieutenant i: (Name in Tigrinyan?) Sub Lieutenant  j: (Name in Tigrinyan?) Acting Sub Lieutenant