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NIGEL THOMAS ASSOCIATES was launched in 2004 to support his 30+ years as a military author and a way to connect with military enthusiasts.



The 20th Century was a period of almost continual warfare, with the First World War and Second World War as the most important conflicts. The British, American and European publics are always fascinated by war and it continues to be an important subject for books, films, theatrical productions and television.

Nigel Thomas Associates can:

  • Advise film and television production motion picture and documentary makers and theatrical costumiers on the authentic uniform and badges for army, navy, air force and police personnel for Great Britain, Europe and the USA since 1900.
  • Give accurate background information on the people wearing these uniforms and the units they served in, in order to build up a credible profile and make these characters come to life.
  • Identify any period photographs or film footage showing men (and women) in uniform to ensure that documentaries are accurate.

Second Lieutenant William Rowland Thomas, 8th Battalion Royal Fusiliers,
56th (London) Infantry Division, British Army, April 1944, Cairo. Rowland Thomas (10.8.1909 – 16.10.1994) is wearing M1937 battledress with a Royal Fusilers cap-badge and the Africa Star campaign ribbon.

SS-Obergruppenführer und General der Waffen-SS (Lieutenant-General) Theodor Eicke, commanding the “Totenkopf” SS Armoured Infantry Division, 1942. Eicke wears the M1937 Waffen-SS officers’ service tunic with M1940 shoulder-boards, M1942 collar-patches and the Knight’s Cross with oakleaf collar decoration awarded 20 April 1942. He was killed in an air crash 6 February 1943 on the Russian Front.
Vojnik (Private), 110th Brigade, Croatian Army, Turanj near Karlovac, April 1992. This infantry reservist is wearing the standard Croatian camouflage uniform with a popular, although unofficial, woollen cap. The unit patch, worn on the left upper arm, indicates 2nd company, 1st battalion, and he carries a M72B/AB automatic rifle, a Yugoslav copy of the ubiquitous Kalashnikov AK47.