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NIGEL THOMAS ASSOCIATES was launched in 2004 to support his 30+ years as a military author and a way to connect with military enthusiasts.


  • If you are a publisher planning to translate a French, German, Austrian or Italian military book into an English book then contact Nigel Thomas Associates for a competitive quotation.
  • Nigel Thomas Associates will also proofread a military book which has already been translated into English from a European language to check for typographical errors and mistakes in military terminology.

Many military books in foreign languages carry multi-page summaries and photograph-captions for the benefit of the huge English-speaking military book market. Unfortunately even the captions and these summaries are usually translated by non-English native speakers or by English native speakers with no military background, thereby spoiling what is often a beautifully researched and illustrated military book.

  • Nigel Thomas Associates will also proofread these English summaries and English captions from military books in any European language to ensure their quality matches the rest of the book.