Translation & Proofreading
Updated: 13 july 2020

Nigel Thomas is a professional linguist in French and German with a reasonable working knowledge of Italian. He has spent his life reading and collecting military books and documents in most European languages and has seen many French, German, and Italian books on military subjects poorly translated into English, usually by good general linguists who do not understand specialist and obsolete French, Austrian and German military expressions, nor their British or American equivalents.

  • If you are a publisher planning to translate a French, German, Austrian or Italian military book into an English book then contact Nigel Thomas Associates for a competitive quotation.
  • Nigel Thomas Associates will also proofread a military book which has already been translated into English from a European language to check for typographical errors and mistakes in military terminology.

Many military books in foreign languages carry multi-page summaries and photograph-captions for the benefit of the huge English-speaking military book market. Unfortunately even the captions and these summaries are usually translated by non-English native speakers or by English native speakers with no military background, thereby spoiling what is often a beautifully researched and illustrated military book.

  • Nigel Thomas Associates will also proofread these English summaries and English captions from military books in any European language to ensure their quality matches the rest of the book.